• NeptuneID13

    Here it is! Even though it lost at the Annies, at least it got another award

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  • NeptuneID13

    Here you can make episode ideas for the show.

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  • NeptuneID13

    Google has revealed new episodes that will air later this month.

    January 20: I Am Jackie Robinson/I Am Anna Pavlova

    January 21: I Am Mary Leakey/I Am Alexander Hamilton

    January 22: I Am Theodore Roosevelt/I Am Eleanor Roosevelt

    January 23: I Am Lou Gehrig/I Am Marie Owens

    WGTE also revealed the franchise's first movie, I Am Madam President, which will air on March 16, 2020.

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  • Tycio


    December 26, 2019 by Tycio

    A list of alliteration used in various episodes which I will add to over time...

    • Brad says "bugs, or bats, or blue berries" in I Am George Washington
    • Yadina says "turtle tricycle tragedy" in I Am Golda Meir
    • the Terrific Tightrope Twins in We Are the Bronte Sisters
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  • Top2456

    A Terrible Misconception

    December 9, 2019 by Top2456

    After the kids seemingly begin to ignore her, Berby flies away forever. Xavier, Brad, and Yadina didn’t mean to ignore her and now have to track her down and bring her back before anyone notices her and possibly finds the Secret Museum.

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  • NeptuneID13

    New Heroes Leaked?

    November 23, 2019 by NeptuneID13

    PBS Parents designed a craft for kids based on the show:

    This PDF has new PNGs revealed for the following heroes

    • Marie Owens
    • Nellie Bly
    • Nikola Tesla

    Anna Pavlova and Frederick Douglass are also on there, as are Eleanor Roosevelt and Alexander Hamilton, but their PNGs have been revealed beforehand on the Hero Maker game and this: (respectively) 

    Harriet Tubman and Confucius are on there, but without their PNGs. Darn it.  At least we know what the former looks like. Please don't create pages for these heroes yet, as we don't know when their episodes will air. Anyone who does so will be blocked.

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  • BestToHelp

    On November 11, the premiere is coming today in your area, while 13 episode were here on the PBS Kids video, along with app as well.

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  • Fluffën

    i guess im exicted for the show? The art style is good, they have mixed personalities,etc

    >William Shakespeare 

    >Satrou Iwata (Here is a hero in my heart ♥)

    >Queen/Freddie Mercury (they took rock by storm!)

    >stephen curry if they allow basketball & people who are still living.

    >Rosie the Revieter (because ine of the characters dressed up like one, so?)

    >Stephen Hillenburg

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  • NeptuneID13

    I assume that the episode that will air on November 11 is just an hour-long compilation of a bunch of episodes, entitled the 'Premiere'. PBS also did this for Molly of Denali, Ready Jet Go, and Let's Go Luna. I hate this method, just premiere one episode, don't confuse kids.

    Anyways, I found some more episodes starting from November 12 courtesy of APTV.

    November 12:

    • I Am Johann Sebastian Bach: Xavier is pumped to once again rock the school talent show with his rendition of Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. Only problem is, he hasn't exactly improved since last year's performance. In fact, he may have gotten worse! How could this happen? And what can he do about it? To the Secr…
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