It's You is a song that plays during some interstitial clips when Berby and Zoom explore together.


You're my buddy
You're my friend
You're the one on whom I depend
It's you
Yes you
Some days are happy
Some are sad
My friend's always with me and I'm glad
It's you
Yes you
We're always laughing when we play
There's a new adventure everyday
In sunshine, snow or falling rain
We always play a really fun game
You're my buddy, you're my friend
You're the one I want to spend my time with
'Cause you're my buddy and my best friend


  • Amelia Earhart makes a cameo in the first version.
  • There's a Titanic (1997) reference in the first version (see infobox picture).
  • in the 2nd version, Zoom swims with some actual turtles
  • in the 2nd version, Berby swings into the pond on some rope, even though she can fly so it isn't necessary


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