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Time Traveler Founder
  • I live in Space
  • My occupation is Student, Wiki Editor, PBS/CN/VHS/Netflix fan, Mourner of the Loss of Ready Jet Go
  • I am Female
  • Bio Unfortunately I have become obsessed with a certain British wizard at the worst possible time. Thanks a lot, Let's Go Luna. I do not support JK Rowling and I don't like the problematic aspects of HP, but I have become fixated on the three main characters for some reason. Anyways, I enjoy editing various wiki's and I love gems, trains, purple Dino's, witches, sponges, Riddles, veggies, plumbers, and aliens.
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NeptuneID13 is a founder and bureaucrat for this wiki.

If you have a question, just message me here.

Jet | Steven | Thomas  | Molly | Luna

I'm also at Discord (username is in my profile above), and I'm at the LGL wiki server, the Molly wiki server, and the SU wiki server. 


  1. Amalgam
  2. Tiny Blue Dot
  3. The Island Song Instrumental
  4. Wii Sports Theme

No controversial/inappropriate/uncomfortable messages or just plain rude messages allowed. Thank you.

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