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The Secret Museum Entrances are the ways Xavier, Brad, and Yadina get to The Secret Museum in every episode. (The Portrait, Tornado, Egyptian Wall, Grandfather Clock, Dinosaur, Chinese Throne, Umbrella, Bus and Floor).


The Portrait Entrance is the first Secret Museum Entrance used in the series. It starts off with the trio running behind a plant and Xavier saying “You Guys Ready?”. Xavier jumps on a tile on the ground while it starts to glow, and creates the shape of a question mark. Before Brad gets to jump through the portrait, a man comes by, causing Brad to hide until the man leaves.


Episodes Used


The Tornado is the second entrance to be used. It stars with a kid looking at a volcano and a parent with his child. The trio waits for them to leave and runs to the tornado in the rainforest and desert exhibits. Xavier and Yadina go up the tornado while Brad says he will go find some stairs, but his cape pulls him up the tornado

Run to the rainforest .jpg

Episodes Used

Egyptian Wall

The Egyptian Wall is the third secret museum entrance to be used. People can be see walking in front of the wall. The trio then starts running to it. They each make a pose on the wall until the door to the Secret Musuem opens. Xavier and Yadina run into it while Brad stays and just looks down there until after Xavier and Yadina say look out below and woohoo.

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Episodes Used

Grandfather Clock

The Grandfather Clock is the fourth entrance to be used in the show. It starts with the trio running to a clock. Yadina gets on Xavier’s hand and turns the clock hand to the same point as the other one. They then run into the portal that gets created, but Brad gets interrupted because he gets surprised by the cuckoo clock.


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The Dinosaur Exhibit is the fifth entrance to the Secret Museum. It starts with the trio running on to a dinosuar, but Brad walks on to a smaller dinosaur. Xavier and Yadina slide into another dinosaur’s mouth while Brad trips and falls into the mouth. While they were entering the Secret Museum, a little kid saw them.

Dinosaur .jpg

Episodes Used


The throne is the sixth entrance used in the series before reusing the other ones. It starts with a girl looking at her smartphone. While a family is walking off-screen, the trio hides in a Chinese chest. They get out and hide behind a Chinese mannequin. They then run onto a throne and each press a part of the dragon on the throne. After all three are pressed, the throne flips and sends them to the Secret Museum.


Episodes Used


The umbrella is the seventh entrance to the Secret Museum. It starts with Brad saying, "Really? We're going outside!" And then a portal appears in the umbrella, Yadina says, "Wow!" And then, the umbrella closes and brings them to the Secret Museum. It was used in "I Am Lou Gehrig."

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When Xavier, Yadina, and Brad go into the bus, the portal activates. It happened in "I Am Rosa Parks".


Xavier, Yadina, and Brad standing on the floor with three hole portals beneath them. It happened in "I Am Harriet Tubman".

Already in the Secret Museum

Some episodes would have the trio already be in the secret museum, and no entrance would be used. It only happened in I Am Susan B. Anthony and I Am Kate Warne.