The Secret Museum is a hidden place underneath the museum where Xavier, Yadina, and Brad can solve their problem.

It is the eponymous location mentioned in the title of the series, and it is the means by which Xavier, Yadina and Brad travel backward in time to meet historical figures during their childhoods.

They appear to think of it like a sentient entity. Like, for example in I Am Harry Houdini, Xavier mentions "I wonder who the Secret Museum will send us to meet", indicating it makes the choice based upon what lessons they need to learn.

In every episode, it presents the kids with an artifact from a historical hero, and sends them back in time to meet the hero with the help of Berby.



Xavier and Yadina's parents own and operate the museum atop the secret one.[1] Xavier and Yadina live there. In I Am Mary Shelley, Brad mentions that they live there. In I Am Charles Dickens, Yadina's room is shown, and the kids head to the Secret Museum from there. In I Am Neil Armstrong, the kitchen is shown. In I Am Marie Owens, Xavier calls it "our family museum".



The painting is of a bald man in a green suit wearing glasses. He sitting in a red chair with his left leg lifted and crossed over his right. Next to him is a small white dog. Whether or not this is based on a pre-existing artistic work is as yet unclear. In I Am Madam President, it is revealed that this painting is of Great-Great Grandpa Riddle, who co-founded the museum. In the movie, the painting is mysteriously replaced with that of one of Xavier and Yadina's great great grandmother.

The kids access the Secret Museum through unconventional means, such as via:

They don't enter the Secret Museum in I Am Susan B. Anthony and I Am Kate Warne, because they're already there.

In Xavier Riddle and the Secret Movie: I Am Madam President, Xavier, Yadina, and Brad enter an Egyptian tomb, then a plane, the dinosaurs, and the other painting as a portal.


  • pole
  • question mark landing
  • cubbies containing artifacts
  • holographic display
  • portals through time and space



  1. 7 December 2019 tweet "Hi MJ, great question! The museum is owned & operated by Xavier & Yadina’s family, so they basically have the run of the place & are the only ones who know about the secret museum within. We are checking with the creative team about whether the kids live there - will let you know"
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