• "Oh, Xavier".
  • "I am Yadina".
  • "This is Dr. Zoom".
  • "Let's start the video!"
  • "Dr. Zoom loves plants, especially lettuce, grass, and spinach".
  • "Our friend Brad is kind of really allergic to cats".
  • "Hi there!"
  • "Say hello, Dr. Zoom!"
  • "Who used to be a kid, just like you and me!"
  • "Check out this video!"
  • "Oh, Brad".
  • "Ooh! These look like fun!"
  • "We're just used to looking after the Secret Museum ourself" (to Brad at end of I Am Susan B. Anthony, indicating that she and Xavier had been tending the museum for awhile prior to inviting him to join)
  • "One thing was a LITTLE different about her: she couldn't SEE or HEAR" (regarding Helen Keller ... blindness and deafness are TWO things though)
  • "XAVIER AND BRAD ARE THE GREATEST ... HEY! Doctor Zoom is NOT amused!" (at start of I Am Florence Nightingale being tricked into hopping on one leg to cure hiccups).”
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